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My names John McCracken and I'm a developer based in the west of Scotland.

I'm a full stack developer generally working in the Amazon Web Services environment. My interests are slowly moving from pure coding to cloud infrastructure, but in this day and age, its getting harder to differentiate.

My first language is PHP, where I'm most comfortable using CakePHP and Laravel frameworks. I frequently work with Wordpress, Moodle and SugarCRM, obviously I did something terrible in a previous life...

I'm currently gravitating towards Python as my favoured language.

Pretty comfortable with Javascript on the frontend, having worked with JQuery, Angular and some React. Knowledge of most databases and key/value store technologies, although I prefer MySQL and ElasticSearch.

Apple fanboy all the way, but happy with anything thats not Windows. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.


If you feel the urge, heres a pdf of my Resume.